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Application & Care Instructions

When applying lashes at home, weather it’s your first try or if you are a lash pro, practice makes perfect, we promise! Lashes are FUN and elevate any makeup look so don’t worry, we got you girl! Here are a few tips and tricks from our lash pros on how to apply, remove and store your lashes for optimal use!


XO – Society Lashes

Step By Step Application:

  1. Apply a thin layer of glue directly to the lash band. Let the glue sit for about 15-30 seconds and get tacky so the lash strip will adhere better and not slide around when applying. 

    *Pro Tip: Lashes should be the LAST step in your makeup routine.​ Be sure you have also applied a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes and curled your lashes if necessary so the faux lash and your natural lashes blend together seamlessly.

  2. Tilt your head back in the mirror so your eyes are still open but in a "looking down" position. Bring the lash down from above, so that it's never in front of your eye and you are still able to see what you're doing.

    *Pro Tip: If you're wearing the lash for the first time, be sure to trim the lash to fit your eye before trying to apply it. Always trim the lashes from the OUTSIDE in and trim off any excess band where lash hairs are not adhered to prevent any uncomfortable poking.

  3. Set your lash in the center of your eye on your natural lash line and then press each corner down into your natural lash line as well. Adjust to your comfort. It's better to have the lash closer to the outer edge of your eye than the inner corner for more comfortable wear.

  4. Now, go ROCK those lashes girl and take lots of selfies and tag us @societylashes #societylashes

Care Instructions:

Our lashes are carefully hand crafted and designed for comfortable wear with the flexible cotton fiber band and ultra light weight mink. In order to ensure you get the most use out of each pair follow these simple steps for optimal use, cleaning and storage.


  1. Be Gentle:
    Handle these lashes with care and they will go a long way for you. When removing them from the clear tray, use your fingers to gently push the band down and away from the adhesive.

  2. Keep them free of any excess products:
    Only apply mascara to your natural lashes BEFORE applying your mink lashes. Excess product buildup can weight the mink down and damage the lash. So apply your mascara, liner, etc first and wait for it to dry before application of your Society Lashes, This will preserve the natural and soft tapered-off effect.

  3. Take care when removing:
    When you are ready to remove the lashes, take a cotton swab lightly dipped in oil free makeup remover and gently rub along the lash band only. Wait a few seconds for the glue to loosen and then slowly push down on the band with the cotton swab until the lash separates from your natural lash line. Repeat steps as needed. Try not to peel/tear them off.

  4. Clean the band:
    Make sure you remove the glue completely from the lash band after each use. Using tweezers will help with the glue removal process, especially after you have loosened the glue after removal from your natural lashes. We find that glue tends to be difficult to remove over time if it is not removed immediately.

  5. Store them properly:
    After removal, simply store your lashes in their original container and press them back onto the curved mold. This will allow them to keep their shape and the durable case will protect them from any dirt and debris.


By following these simple steps, you will have gorgeous Society Lashes that last!